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On our way to Grovers Mill" "THE MARTIAN ZONE

Video by Robert Hummel
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 "The Battle at Grovers Mill"
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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Grovers Mill, War of the Worlds painting framed in vintage wood planks from the Grover Mill Barn seen in artist Robert Hummel's painting.

Artist Robert Hummel seen here with his painting "The Battle At Grovers Mill" Inspired from the 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast.    More scenes imagined from the radio broadcast are being created!  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

More War of the Worlds action! history! and news!


Altered image from the original painting. Inquire about prints of the original image #1 as seen on page or altered image below. 
"Commission a large painting of your towns historic event from Artist" Robert Hummel

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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Monday, November 25, 2013

The Battle At Grovers Mill scene 1 and 2
By artist Robert Hummel
(Copyright 2013 Robert Hummel)
All rights reserved.
These images are not to be used in any way, printed or reproduced in full or part, without written permission from the Artist. Not to be intended to promote a product or business without permission.  Not to be used online anywhere without proper authorship credits and links to the work added. 
(Battle at Grovers Mill II by artist Robert Hummel

Artist Robert Hummel at his studio putting on final touches to his 3x4 foot painting called The Battle At Grovers Mill II, in time for the 75th anniversary of the 1938 radio broadcast.

Robert Hummel (left) and a guest at a Princeton University War of the Worlds 75th anniversary radio broadcast event in October 2013. Held at 
More of Artist Hummels paintings are found at

Discovering a radio. Martian characters from Seseme Street 
Visit my facebook page to see the life size YIP YIP Martians that showed up to see my new painting in 2013. If anyone knows who these costumed Martians are... as seen on my page below, please have them contact me for an interview and gift. Last seen in the West Windsor NJ area. 609-571-2200 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

To see more painted work by Artist Robert Hummel including his Battle At Grovers Mill. Visit

New Jersey News 12 came out on Halloween eve and for the 75th anniversary of the 1938 radio broadcast. They toured around Grovers Mill and took a look at Artist Robert Hummel's original mural size painting in town. They also photographed Robert's new Grovers Mill Martian Invasion painting on display for that one night. They are the only images depicting this imaginary event from the 1938 Mercury Theater On the Air drama that sent people to the streets screaming.
Click the live link the artist has provided below Enjoy, Happy Halloween 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Turn up the volume and have a listen to this new released video of artist Roberts Hummel's paintings of The Battle At Grovers Mill scene one.

Painting copyright 2008 artist Robert Hummel / Battle at Grovers Mill video 2013 Robert Hummel
Yes, people actually believed in 1938 that Martians could land and invade earth. Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater On The Air confirmed that by their radio drama on CBS. It was sort of a Halloween eve prank, the equivalent of screaming Boo! so he claimed. Millions of people were so scared that they fled to the streets, loaded up their cars to flee for safety and some just relented and stayed behind prayer. The small farming town of Grovers Mill New Jersey was chosen as the imaginary landing location of these machine like tripod invaders. Described as squid like with tentacles coming all the way from Mars. By randomly jabbing a pencil into a map the radio team decided on a location for the initial Martian landing spot.
Artist Robert Hummel has put his talents to use after listening to the recorded 1938 broadcast by painting what listeners that Halloween eve night may have imagined. Scene two is three hours later and even more Martian madness ensues. STAY TUNED. Order a signed canvas print of scene one by calling 609-571-2200 or
Special Martian music privided by musician Kip Rosser played on the Theramin. Check him out on youtube. The Beach Boys also used a theramin for their song Good Vibrations.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The 1938 Broadcast "War Of The Worlds"

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If you have never heard the actual "Radio Broadcast" that frightened the nation on that misty Halloween Eve in 1938 and one that inspired artist Robert Hummel's painting called "The Battle At Grovers Mill" now is your chance.  Sit back relax, close your eyes, imagine being back in 1938 when all things could have happened and think about what you would have thought and done if the radio told you creatures from Mars were landing and causing destruction right in your own backyard. Live staged radio performances by an outstanding theatrical group are found here:

Classic movie about the 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast "War Of The Worlds" taking place in Grover's Mill New Jersey. Thought you would all enjoy this as much as I did.

The Night America Trembled
I've heard countless stories over the years of how this broadcast effected family members. One of my favorites is of a family friends relative in Pennsylvania that listened to the broadcast that October 1938 night and ran to hide in a nearby coal mine. Not sure how long it took for him to come out but perhaps he was trying to get away from his One can't tell.
Share your family stories if you have any from that October night in 1938

Friday, August 30, 2013

Artist Robert Hummel,, in front of his large WAR OF THE WORLDS painting near Princeton NJ for the 70th anniversary of the War of the Worlds 1938 broadcast . 

Prints of The Battle At Grovers Mill painting are only currently available through the artist Robert Hummel 609-571-2200  
                                                    and are coming soon online. 

This image and all images of Robert's Battle at Grovers Mill are (copyritten 2008 artist Robert Hummel) and not to be used in the press / online or in print without written permission from Robert Hummel and without authorship and credentials added. Unauthorized reproductions are forbidden and considered an infringement on copyright.


Below: Van Nest Park in West Windsor New Jersey is home to the monument in memory of the 1938 CBS Orson Welles, Mercury On The Air Theater's adaption of the H.G Wells classic 
 How did this little N.J. farming town get picked for a Martian invasion? Radio producers simply randomly stabbed a push pin - into a map and it landed on Grovers Mill.
This tribute below features the composition of musical genius Kip Rosser, on an electrically charged sound wave instrument called a Theremin. It was used for many creepy soundtracks for Sci fi films back in the day, including Star Trek. See if it brings back memories if of that age group. Check out his other classical tunes on the same instrument on youtube.
Turn up the sound and ENJOY
Music by the amazing musician Kip Rosser played on a Theramin
more about Kip 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A letter I received from a resident who purchased a print of my War Of The Worlds painting that I created, and who lived in the home next to the Mill. He lived in the home with the famous water tower that some say was shot at by locals in Grovers Mill NJ thinking it was a Martian after listening to the broadcast on the radio.

Dear Mr. Hummel, I would like to order two prints as gifts for my now grown children of the "Attack On Grovers Mill" from your original mural that hangs at the Grovers Mill Cafe. My family lived in the 18th century farmhouse in Grovers Mill, N.J. next to the red barn featured in your painting for 25 years beginning in 1963. Our one acre property featured a well topped by a 50 ft high water tower with a large wooden barrel near the top, beneath the metal blades that turned with the wind drawing water up into the barrel. This tower is depicted in your beautiful and visually exciting picture that you created and is shown at the front of our property facing the pond. During the tumult caused by the Orson Wells 1938 radio broadcast---the War of the Worlds---local farmers not realizing the program was a dramatic reenactment of the book, took it as breaking news and raced around in cars or on foot intending to flee the area. Some, it was said, fired their shotguns in the direction of the tower thinking it was one of the alien space ships. In the 70s, one of my sons climed the small ladder attached to the tower and examined the wooden barrel. He reported finding several small pellet holes. The climb was too high for any of the rest of the family to verify. Believe it or not.! The Bruno Family

Friday, May 25, 2012

 This image and all images of The Battle At Grovers Mill as seen above by artist Robert Hummel are copyritten by the artist ( all rights reserved and not to be used in press without permission. Permission only granted from the artist and must display authorship credits and contact info attached. Not to be used copied or reproduced in any form without written permission from the artist and violations will be subject to full penalties of the law. 
Purchase your signed by the artist canvas print of this Grover's Mill War Of The Worlds print 9 x 14 for only 75.00  Larger canvas hand embellished and signed print 12 x 19.75 at 150.00
Art and canvas print deliveries can be made in town or shipped in a tube internationally Call 609-571-2200 in the United States or email
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Visit Robert's other site: If Martians really landed in Grovers Mill today... this may be what it would be like. 
Framed and matted humorous cartoons for 50.00 not including shipping if needed.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

To see more of artist Robert Hummel's paintings visit www.ArtistRobertHummel.comTo purchase prints of "Grovers Mill War Of The Worlds" or other works Created by Robert. Contact him at 609-571-2200 or

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Grovers Mill War Of The Worlds - click on image to see larger view. Image Copywriten by artist Robert Hummel and not to be used or reproduced without permission. Contact the artist 609 571-2200 Various size prints are available to purchase.

This image (Copyright 2008 Artist Robert Hummel) as seen below, All rights reserved. Is protected by US law. It is not to be used online or printed in any form without written permission from the artist, Robert Hummel. If permission is granted it must accompany authorship title: The Battle at Grovers Mill I by artist Robert Hummel  It is not to be used or intended to promote any business or product unless endorsed or used by the artist himself.

A recent comment I received: Your work is awesome.... I spent my barefoot years in Princeton Jct/Princeton and know the stories all to well.. I was not around in 1938 but every Hallows Eve... we would be reminded of the story just before going out to Trick or Treat... now talk about spooky.... Ice skated on the pond..had our skates sharpened at the Mill and the PJ Volunteer Fire Company would start a bond fire so we would keep warm... Great Memories
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There is an invasion taking place today in Grovers Mill and spreading across the land. These two legged invading creatures are known by some as Canadian Geese. If beings from Mars landed in Grovers Mill N.J. today this may be what it would be like... see more at