Saturday, September 2, 2017

Join us on September 16th at Gallery 33 in Hightstown NJ

Stop by Sept 16th at Gallery 33 at Comisky's Greenhouse store
Some of my Princeton,  Cranbury paintings and prints including a framed Giclee of the "Battle at Grovers Mill II" inspired from the 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast that mentions nearby Grovers Mill NJ under Martian attack.  
Sept - January in this beautiful garden space. 

Artist Robert Hummel:  After winning awards for his art at a young age Robert attended and graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Florida. For many years after he helped create floats and elements as part of the creative staff for the Macy’s Parade Studio when In Hoboken NJ.  Hummel now resides in Plainsboro with an art studio, for almost 20 years, at the “Art Station Studios” in Hightstown, NJ.  
Hummel is known locally for his 4 x 6 ½ foot painting of the “Battle At Grovers Mill” (scene one) that can be seen at the “Grover’s Mill CoffeeHouse & Roastery” in West Windsor NJ. This painting and others in the series were created for the 70th and 75th anniversaries for the 1938  Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" Radio Broadcast on the eve of Halloween.
Robert’s works are internationally and locally collected, including by University professors and Princeton University alumni such as Mark Zuckerberg's youngest sister (PhD Princeton Alumna).  Brooke Shields was gifted a collection of prints featuring his Princeton scenes including one of the Palmer Square apartment that Ms. Shields resided in during her years while attending the University.  His work has been shown for over a decade at Chez Alice cafe and Gourmet Bakery in Princeton, Pop up galleries such as (WOW) Wondrous on WitherSpoon, Princeton University GSS department gallery on campus. Annually he enjoys helping nonprofit and charity events raise money with his art, such as the Junior League of Princeton and the Princeton Chamber of Commerce to name a few.
Robert is also a passionate and avid producer of entertaining videos, several that feature his creative work and other stories/ interviews. Found on Youtube and Facebook at Princeton Art Impressions, Its Christmas in Princeton and Princeton and beyond.
Capturing the radiance of the glow within, and around, Princeton – at dusk and on into the night – Robert’s painted structures warm the heart and light up the soul. Whether a glimmering lamppost or a fireplace glow expressed in a window, his scenes come brilliantly alive in his use of acrylics on canvas and board. These luminous scenes, for Robert, serve as magical reminders that we too – as “structures” have a radiant light within. Robert accepts commissions to paint new images, home/estate and business portraits, and mural size creations throughout the year. Larger works adorn several NJ restaurants and venues. His 3 x 10 foot long painting of a nocturnal streetscape of the eastern end of Nassau Street in Princeton is a permanent fixture at the Ivy Inn.

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