Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Grovers Mill War Of The Worlds - click on image to see larger view. Image Copywriten by artist Robert Hummel and not to be used or reproduced without permission. Contact the artist 609 571-2200 Various size prints are available to purchase.

This image (Copyright 2008 Artist Robert Hummel) as seen below, All rights reserved. Is protected by US law. It is not to be used online or printed in any form without written permission from the artist, Robert Hummel. If permission is granted it must accompany authorship title: The Battle at Grovers Mill I by artist Robert Hummel  It is not to be used or intended to promote any business or product unless endorsed or used by the artist himself.

A recent comment I received: Your work is awesome.... I spent my barefoot years in Princeton Jct/Princeton and know the stories all to well.. I was not around in 1938 but every Hallows Eve... we would be reminded of the story just before going out to Trick or Treat... now talk about spooky.... Ice skated on the pond..had our skates sharpened at the Mill and the PJ Volunteer Fire Company would start a bond fire so we would keep warm... Great Memories
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There is an invasion taking place today in Grovers Mill and spreading across the land. These two legged invading creatures are known by some as Canadian Geese. If beings from Mars landed in Grovers Mill N.J. today this may be what it would be like... see more at

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