Friday, August 30, 2013

Artist Robert Hummel,, in front of his large WAR OF THE WORLDS painting near Princeton NJ for the 70th anniversary of the War of the Worlds 1938 broadcast . 

Prints of The Battle At Grovers Mill painting are only currently available through the artist Robert Hummel 609-571-2200  
                                                    and are coming soon online. 

This image and all images of Robert's Battle at Grovers Mill are (copyritten 2008 artist Robert Hummel) and not to be used in the press / online or in print without written permission from Robert Hummel and without authorship and credentials added. Unauthorized reproductions are forbidden and considered an infringement on copyright.


Below: Van Nest Park in West Windsor New Jersey is home to the monument in memory of the 1938 CBS Orson Welles, Mercury On The Air Theater's adaption of the H.G Wells classic 
 How did this little N.J. farming town get picked for a Martian invasion? Radio producers simply randomly stabbed a push pin - into a map and it landed on Grovers Mill.
This tribute below features the composition of musical genius Kip Rosser, on an electrically charged sound wave instrument called a Theremin. It was used for many creepy soundtracks for Sci fi films back in the day, including Star Trek. See if it brings back memories if of that age group. Check out his other classical tunes on the same instrument on youtube.
Turn up the sound and ENJOY
Music by the amazing musician Kip Rosser played on a Theramin
more about Kip 

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