Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Turn up the volume and have a listen to this new released video of artist Roberts Hummel's paintings of The Battle At Grovers Mill scene one.

Painting copyright 2008 artist Robert Hummel / Battle at Grovers Mill video 2013 Robert Hummel
Yes, people actually believed in 1938 that Martians could land and invade earth. Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater On The Air confirmed that by their radio drama on CBS. It was sort of a Halloween eve prank, the equivalent of screaming Boo! so he claimed. Millions of people were so scared that they fled to the streets, loaded up their cars to flee for safety and some just relented and stayed behind prayer. The small farming town of Grovers Mill New Jersey was chosen as the imaginary landing location of these machine like tripod invaders. Described as squid like with tentacles coming all the way from Mars. By randomly jabbing a pencil into a map the radio team decided on a location for the initial Martian landing spot.
Artist Robert Hummel www.artistRobertHummel.com has put his talents to use after listening to the recorded 1938 broadcast by painting what listeners that Halloween eve night may have imagined. Scene two is three hours later and even more Martian madness ensues. STAY TUNED. Order a signed canvas print of scene one by calling 609-571-2200 or rhummel1@aol.com
Special Martian music privided by musician Kip Rosser played on the Theramin. Check him out on youtube. The Beach Boys also used a theramin for their song Good Vibrations.

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